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We have created a Team that creates greeting cards, wall art and so much more.

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We have created a Team that creates greeting cards, wall art and so much more.

Jackie became interested in photography at a young age when her father showed her how to make a picture, from a negative, using an envelope and the sun. Her first developed picture was a photo of Hopalong Cassidy.

Jackie then took classes in darkroom developing and started creating her own photos, all in black and white.

When the digital camera was developed she continued to take pictures but then wanted to know how to make them better using digital technology. Seven years later people began to really like what she was doing.

From their feedback Jackie began submitting her works of art to contest sites, which matched her works with others and let the professional community vote on them. She was so surprised at the awards she won from around the world voters!

Jackie’s work focuses on the beauty of Florida, there is so much beauty in my back yard literally, birds, flowers, trees, beaches and so on. Of course, she also works with shots from different parts of the country also.

Jim’s background turns out to be a perfect blend with Jackie’s talent. After being Honorably discharged from military service he began learning about, and working in, the computer field. (back in 1969)

Jim worked his way up through management in the computer field in the banking industry and traveled throughout the United States and different parts of the world as a consultant.

Jim began creating websites in the late 1990s and still dabbles with that while honing his management talents and learning about photo-art.